High Point Hike

What a gorgeous hike, but challenging, especially in the light rain. We had to take precautions scrambling and hiking over wet rocks, but the stunning views on the Blue Dot Trail were worth it. Thank you to Kiyoshi for leading us on this 5-mile hike on the Blue Dot Trail, Appalachian Trail, and finally the Monument Trail to our destination and back again safely. We could barely make out the High Point Monument in the mist but nonetheless felt achievement making it there.

Fall Court of Honor

Scouts were awarded merit badges earned at summer camp and during spring merit badge classes. Cooper was awarded Life rank and we have several new scouts with Scout rank. New scouts who attended our first training camp were awarded Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit, so now they can carry pocket knives, use woods tools, and build fires. Alexandria and Zahra were awarded Recruiter strips for bringing friends into the troop. Arya and Aiden were awarded their 3rd and 2nd Mile Swim patches and Aiden was awarded BSA Lifeguard. Emma was named Grand Poobah for raising the most money for our troop in our fall plant sale. Participants were recognized for participating in the Montclair 4th of July parade, summer camp, the polar bear swim, the summer hike and picnic, our first training camp at Glen Gray, our fall plant sale, and the Six Flags camporee.

Six Flags Camporee

Two nights of tent camping and a day of thrilling rides at Great Adventure amusement park, what a combination!

The thrill-seeking scouts, the red group.

How many times did we go on this ride? It was like Deja Vu.

Red and yellow groups joined together for a moderately thrilling ride.

Back at camp with our mascot.

Kicking Off Another Year of Scouting

Troop 12 scouts, scouters, family, and friends kicked off another year of scouting. With a growing girls troop and a bunch of new scouts, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation for an excellent year.

Cooper, Henry, and Arya lead an entertaining demonstration of Bad Backpack – Good Backpack

Summer Hike and Picnic

Troop 12 scouts and families celebrated the end of summer and welcomed some of our new scouts with a hike in Mills Reservation and picnic in Mountainside Park.

Aiden’s Eagle Scout Project for Toni’s Kitchen

Aiden completed his Eagle Scout Project for Toni’s Kitchen on August 19. Scouts helped him construct 20 small planter boxes and assemble planting kits, including soil, seeds, and instructions, for Toni’s Kitchen to give to their customers to grow vegetables and herbs at home.

Liam’s Eagle Scout Project for Brookdale Park

Picture of Scouts and Scouters with tools at Liam's Eagle Scout Project for Brookdale Park, Juy 2023

Liam’s project was to repair the pathways in the south section of Brookdale Park, where soil had been eroded along the edges of the paced trails. The erosion had created steep drop-offs and concern about injury to park goers who might have accidentally stepped off the trail. To remedy the situation and prevent further erosion, Liam led a team of scouts and other volunteers to fill the gullies with rocks, gravel, and sand, allowing stormwater runoff to run through the material rather than eroding it and making the paths safer for pedestrians.

Summer Camp

Scouts spent a mostly sunny week at Camp Keowa in the Catskills. Favorite activities included fishing the prime spot right next to our campsite, devising humorous skits and shenanigans, collecting critters, zip lining, rappelling, rifle shooting, deep frying various foods over a campfire, completing the mile swim and BSA Lifeguard certification, beating the staff in the Scoutmasters v. Staff softball match, and relaxing at our lakeside campsite.

First Inductees into Troop 12 Girls

Our first Scouts and Assistant Scoutmaster, proudly sporting their blue neckerchiefs and custom slides, were inducted into Troop 12 during their first campfire at Camp Keowa.

Montclair 4th of July Parade

Troop 12 continues our annual tradition of marching in Montclair’s 4th of July parade, a first for our new girls troop. We were accompanied by some Troop 12 Eagle Scout alumni.