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2016 Spring Bus Trip to Mystic, Connecticut

Meeting details

When: 3 pm
(We’ll wait for Charles and Rich, stragglers, etc who have different schedules)
Where: Watchung Plaza next to Watchung Booksellers

What to pack/bring:

  • Check for $75 made out to “Montclair Troop 12”
    • Bring extra cash for souvenirs, snacks, etc.
  • Signed consent form (you can download the form here)
  • Required medicines for allergies, and other conditions should be brought and kept in a water-proof bag.
    • Let Scoutmaster Carl Josleyn know if you have special dietary or contaminant allergies or religious restrictions that he should be aware of, and you have not informed us about, earlier.
  • Sack meal for dinner to be eaten on the road
    • (many boys go to the sandwich place off Watchung before the bus leaves the plaza)
  • Sleeping bag (rated for winter)
    • Sleeping pad, we will be sleeping outside
  • Clothes for 2 days, including
    • Rain coat/poncho (looks like it might rain one of the days)
    • Hiking Boots or comfortable walking sneakers
  • Tents
    • Patrol Leaders: bring one tent for your entire patrol
    • Staff: SPL Ben will bring a tent for all staff
    • Adults: adults will sleep separately and must bring their own tents/make arrangements to share with another adult. Under no circumstances can scouts and adults share a tent unless all occupants are related)

Downloadable information flyer: 2016 Spring Bus Trip

*This post may be updated with additional information including the itinerary/eating schedule.