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Scout Jack Brandon’s Eagle Project at Brookdale Park — Mission Accomplished!

Eagle Rank Badge And Medal
The Highest Honor Rank for a Scout is the coveted Eagle Rank that boys have to complete before their 18th birthday.

Congratulations to Jack Brandon, our latest Scout to complete his community project for his Eagle Rank! This past Saturday, 9/17/2016 he and his fellow Scouts worked with the Brookdale Park Conservancy to beautify the entrance to Brookdale Park’s Bellevue Avenue entrance.

Brookdale Park Entrance before Jack Brandon's Eagle Project
This is what the Bellevue Avenue Entrance of Brookdale Park looked like before Jack Brandon’s Eagle Project.

Project Participants:

  1. Jack Brandon (Eagle Candidate)
  2. Joe B.
  3. Jake S.
  4. Micheal D.
  5. Thomas D.
  6. Justin L.
  7. Arjun N.
  8. Armaan N.
  9. Eron E.
  10. Jackson K.
  11. Marcos P.
  12. Charles M.
  13. Max F.
  14. Peter B.

The project beautified the ground cover around the entrance signage, and cleared away a lot of the overgrown foliage and canopy around it so that the pathways around that area could get more light.

Pile of trees and limbs on the side of a pathway
Though it’s hard to tell the scale of the effort by this picture, the pile of branches and tree trunks removed for Jack Brandon’s Eagle Project was quite sizeable. (For comparison, look at the benches on the left side of the picture).
Panoramic shot of Brookdale Park Bellevue Avenue entrance from the street
In this shot, you can see the boys clearing up after the project, and how clear the area is right behind the signage, where much of the effort for this project went. (Click on image to see/download a larger version of it.)
Panoramic shot of the Brookdale Park Bellevue Avenue entrance looking from the park to the street
The magic behind the scenes! This is a picture of the Project almost completed, showing most of the equipment used behind the entrance signage, with the boys winding it down and starting to clear up the area. (Click on the image to see/download a larger version of the image).
Boy Scouts finishing Eagle Project outside Brookdale Park's Bellevue Avenue entrance.
Jack watering the new plants they laid down for the project after mulching the area. (Other boys in the back can be seen “supervising”)
Brookdale Park Bellevue Avenue entrance
Here’s the most prominent part of Jack’s project after the completion of his Eagle Project at the Brookdale Park Bellevue Avenue entrance.

Congratulations Jack and great job from you and all your volunteers and Adult Advisors. (Now onto the paperwork!)

~Sean Leong
ASM, Troop 12