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The troop is only as good as the boys in it, and we need new recruits all the time. A hierarchy of ascending authority within the boys’ ranks is essential to teaching them about leadership and responsibility. Troop parents as well as the scouts themselves are responsible for bringing in “fresh blood” to fill up the lower ranks, in order to achieve a healthy balance of leaders and those being led.

First Troop 12 Meeting of the 2017-2018 Season begins!

Hello, Troop 12 Montclair!

First Troop Meeting Tomorrow (September 15, 2015) at St James Church @ 7 PM

2017 to 2018 Calendar

You can find the proposed calendar for the coming Scouting year on our website here:, we suggest you bookmark this for easy reference if you have an iPhone you can save it as an icon on one of your “App” screens.

Permission Forms

With the start of a new year, we will again need permission forms for any Scout attending Troop 12 activities — Troop meetings or camping. Please download the form from here: and email it to Mr. Joslyn or bring to the next Troop meeting.

New Staff and Patrols

SPL — Justin Leong (Fall)
ASPLs — Gianluca R, Marcos P, Armaan N, Eron E, Michael D
Quartermasters — Andrew F, Ben G, Curtis D, Thomas D
Leave No Trace Trainers — Thomas D and Gianluca R
JASMs — Jack Brandon, Sam Joslyn, Jake Skorzewski
Guides — Peter Brown, Arjun Nischol

Patrol 1 — Alex P, Max F, Patrick C, Lucas H, Anthony B, Kieran M
Patrol 2 — Charles M, Gabe G, Kai A, Denzel L, Aiden K, Alex DLR
Patrol 3 — Jackson, Jack D, Josh W, Mikey H, Jasper P, Xander T
Patrol 4 — Joe B, Sam L, Elia E, Sacha G, Dale S, Liam V
Eagle Patrol — Jack Brandon, Sam Joslyn, Jake Skorzewski, Peter Brown, Arjun Nischol

Glen Gray Work Day: Saturday, September 16th at Camp Glen Gray 8:30 am

September 16th we will have a work day to split wood for Glen Gray and for the Troop 12 cabin as well as continue working on getting the cabin in shape. Participants should wear long pants, work shirts, hiking boots and bring gloves and eyewear. Patrol Leaders will get a head count for the first meeting.

Popcorn is Coming!

We will have more info on how to do this at the September 15th meeting, so get your buyer lists ready!

Yours in Scouting,

Troop 12 Staff


Troop 12 Montclair Calendar for the 2016-2017 session

Troop 12 meets most Friday nights @ 7PM
at St. James Episcopal Church
581 Valley Road Montclair
NJ 07043
*Please check the calendar for any exceptions

Scoutmaster Carl Joslyn
Scoutmaster Jeff Gaskin
Troop Chair John Hartinger

Please note that this will be a living document, and will be updated as mistakes are found or addendums are added, until the end of the season. If there are any mistakes, conflicts or omissions, please let us know using our contact form below so that we can update it.

8/27/2016 Glen Gray Work Day Glen Gray
9/1/2016 Committee Meeting 1 St. James
9/8/2016 Recruitment: Mt. Hebron Back To School Night Mt. Hebron
Due to the MHS football opener we will move the Staff Roundup to Saturday the 10th at 10am at St. James. St. James
9/14/2016 Recruitment: Mt. Hebron Buzz Aldrin Day Mt. Hebron
9/16/2016 1st Troop Meeting / All Parent’s Meeting St. James
9/20/2016 Recruitment: Renaissance Back To School Night Renaissance
9/23/2016 Recruitment: Troop Meeting and Open House St. James
9/24/2016 TC1 @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
9/25/2016 197th Court of Honor Glen Gray
9/29/2016 Recruitment: Glenfield Back To School Night Glenfield
9/30/2016 Troop Meeting — Start MB1 St. James
10/7/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 St. James
10/14/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 St. James
10/21/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 St. James
10/22/2016 Fall Backpack Overnight – CANCELLED   –
10/28/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 — Announce Food Drive St. James
10/29/2016 FALL HIKE-ORY – Coppermines Trail to Kittatinny Ridge Old Mine Road, NJ
11/1/2016 Committee Meeting 2 — Food Drive St. James
11/4/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 — Food Drive St. James
11/11/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 — Food Drive St. James
11/12/2016 TC2 @ Glen Gray (Cookoff) **Pioneering Weekend Glen Gray
11/18/2016 Troop Meeting — End MB1 — Food Drive Ends Christmas Wreath Sale Ends St. James
12/2/2016 Troop Meeting — Start MB2 St. James
12/9/2016 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
12/16/2016 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/3/2017 Committee Meeting 3 St. James
1/6/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/8/2017 Family Dinner St. James
1/13/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/14/2017 Arctic Challenge @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
1/20/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/27/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/29/2017 Scout Sunday St. James
2/3/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
2/10/2017 198th Court of Honor St. James
2/24/2017 Troop Meeting — End MB2 St. James
2/25/2017 Winter Fun Camp @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
2/28/2017 Committee Meeting 4 St. James
3/3/2017 Troop Meeting — Start MB3 St. James
3/10/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
3/17/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
3/18/2017 TC3 @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
3/24/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
3/31/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
4/7/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
4/28/2017 Spring Bus Trip TBD
5/2/2017 Committee Meeting 5 St. James
5/5/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
5/12/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
5/19/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 Ends St. James
5/20/2017 Spring Camp-o-ree @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
5/21/2017 Drew Schmetterling Project Mt. Hebron Cemetery
5/29/2017 Memorial Day Ceremony TBD
6/2/2017 Troop Meeting St. James
6/9/2017 199th Court of Honor St. James
6/23-25/2017 Glen Gray Centennial Glen Gray
7/9/2017 Summer Troop Encampment Camp Keowa


 TC Refers to a Training Conference, followed by a number, this usually refers to a camping trip at Camp Glen Gray in Mahwah, where the boys learn most of their camping skills. These usually involve a single overnight stay. During winter and unexpected inclement weather, the boys will sleep inside our cabin.
 MB  Refers to Merit Badge Sessions, followed by a number, these are held at our regular Friday meetings from 8 – 8:45pm. there are three Merit Badge Sessions in the Troop’s calendar from September 2016 through May 2017.
 Recruitment  Recruitment is essential to the survival of the troop. There are a few key dates around Montclair’s Middle School “back-to-school” events where we can reach a large number of parents with flyer distribution and an explanation of how our troop works. Additional Parent and Scout volunteers (in full Class A uniforms) are always welcomed.


If you have questions or comments about the schedule, you can leave us a note In the form below.