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Patrol Points Rubric for the 2017-2018 Scout Season

Patrol Cup
The coveted Patrol Cup!

Please find below how Patrol Points will be awarded this year.

Any other points awarded from additional activities will be as decided by the Adult Leader and/or SPL on Duty during that activity.

Patrol Points Rubric Point(s) per Scout Point(s) per Scout Point(s) per Scout Maximum Point(s) per Scout
1 each for meeting attendance and 1 each if in uniform for a max of 2 points for each Scout per meeting 1 1 2
2 points each for participating Scouts in a daytime hike/activity not covered by other point awards 2 2
3 points for each Scout attending a bus trip or overnight hike 3 3
1 point for attending a camping trip and 2 for overnight stay – for a total of 3 points 1 2 3
3 points for Glen Gray Workday for each Scout 3 3
Pop-corn/X-mas/Plant sale
(3rd/2nd/1st place) for top Scouts in Troop
5 7 10 10
Fundraising Rubric for Patrols 3rd place Patrol Points 2nd place Patrol Points 1st place Patrol Points
Pop-corn/X-mas and Plant sale
(3rd/2nd/1st place) for top Patrols in Troop
5 7 10

Points on Camping Trips may be awarded for placement in Round-robins, cook-offs, site cleanliness, site set-up, participation by all scouts, etc. as determined by Adult Leader and/or SPL.

~ ASM Victor Parada keeps track of the totals for each Patrol.