Popcorn ­čŹ┐ Sidewalk Sale outside St James 2017.

Troop 12’s newest “Popcorn Kernel,” Stephanie Johnson and husband Lance chaperoned two groups of Scout volunteers this past Sunday, October 22nd outside St. James Church in Upper Montclair.

Picture of Boy Scouts selling popcorn in Montclair, NJ.
Left to Right: Mikey H., Jackson K., Lance S., Curtis D., and Ben G. manning the pop-up popcorn stand outside St. James Church.

The Boys manned a “pop-up” stand on the corner of Valley and Bellevue and canvassed the area drawing people to buy popcorn for our Spring Fundraising┬áEvent.

Left to Right: Liam V., Lance S.
Left to Right behind table: Ben G., Jackson K.

Fundraising provides additional sources of income┬á to defray the cost of running the Troop, including but not limited to dues for our cabin at Glen Gray, helping to defray the cost of our Spring Bus Trip, and to provide “camperships” to any scout family that cannot afford any of the activities the Troop runs, including a week at our Summer Camp at Ten Mile River in Upstate New York.┬á (We never want the lack of funds to be┬áthe reason our boys cannot enjoy all the benefits of being a Scout.)

The fundraiser is also a great way for the community to see our boys in uniform (they also sell door-to-door on their own time in groups of at least two), and for them to gain confidence to approach adults and to work on their Salesman Merit Badge if they are working on that at the same time.

For the day, the boys sold $427 worth of popcorn and also received $28 in donations.

Scouts participating this day were:

Morning Shift:

  • Lance S.
  • Charles M.
  • Kieran M.
  • Jackson K.

Afternoon Shift:

  • Lance S.
  • Jackson K.
  • Ben G.
  • Liam V.
  • Curtis D.
  • Mikey H.
  • Andrew F.
Left to Right behind desk: Lance S., Jackson K.
Left to Right: Kieran M., Lance S.

Many thanks to Stephanie and Lance for volunteering their Sunday to help set-up and chaperone the boys.