Glen Gray entrance sign

POL Troop 12 TC1 9/30/2017

Good turnout for Troop 12’s TC1 Friday Night Experiment

The turnout for the experimental Friday night start of TC1 was quite good.

Adults showing up included

  • ScoutMaster Carl Joslyn
  • ASM Sean Leong
  • ASM David LaGasse
  • ASM (and cook) Victor Parada
  • ASM Rich McCaan
  • ASM David Loblack

Staff present were:

  • SPL Justin Leong
  • ASPL Armaan N.
  • ASPL Eron E.
  • Quartermaster & Bugler Curtis D.
  • Guide Arjun Nischol

Scouts who made it up to Glen Gray included:

  • Charles M.
  • Kieran M.
  • Jack D.
  • Liam K.
  • Denzel L.
  • Lucas H.
  • Sam L.
  • Dale
  • Jackson.
  • Alex P.
  • Joe B.
  • Alex D.L.R.

Saturday 9/30/2017

This morning we were joined by:


  • Paul Roses
  • Lance Johnson
  • Julius DeSantis
  • Andrew Frazier
  • Lisa Kristof


  • Thomas D.
  • Michael D.
  • Marcos P.
  • GianLuca Roses
  • Ben G.
  • Andrew F.


  • Lance Johnson
  • Matt K.

Happy Birthday Arjun!🎂

Arjun turned 18 and officially became an adult this morning.

Eagle Scout Arjun Nischol and SPL Justin Leong
Eagle Scout Arjun Nischol and SPL Justin Leong

In the above picture, this was allowable according to the BSA two deep leadership rule yesterday, but not today!