TC1 at Glen Gray This Weekend (Friday 9/29/2017)

TC1 at Glen Gray This Weekend, (Friday night – Sunday morning)

Troop 12 Cabin, Camp Glen Gray, Mahwah, NJ

Meet in parking lot at Glen Gray at 7 pm on Friday evening.  The parking lot is just past the Headquarters (listed as item #1 ) on the map shown below. (You can also download the map here. ) Please carpool if possible and when parking in the parking lot, try to maximize room for other campers. We will hike up from there to the Troop 12 Montclair Cabin found in the upper left hand of the map (marked as item #2). 

Map of Glen Gray
Map of Glen Gray, highlighting important troop 12 landmarks.

Patrols to bring a bag dinner for Friday night, and food to cook at their patrol sites all day Saturday

Sunday breakfast will be served at the cabin by the Troop — please have Scouts bring $5 extra for this meal.

Pick-up will be after the Troop 12 200th Court of Honor in the Dining Hall (marked as item #3 on the map) at Camp Glen Gray.

Patrols should be ready to camp at sites with a tent(s), and a bear bag (not a hard-sided cooler). Patrol Leaders will communicate to their Patrols how much money to bring to cover the food to be cooked Saturday.

Required for New Scouts

Any new boys joining Troop 12 for the camping trip this weekend must have the following handed-in to Mr. Joslyn:

  1. BSA Youth Application to join Troop 12 and participate in activities – required for insurance
  2. Activity Consent Form and Approval with any notes on medical condition – this form can be filled-out to cover all activities during Scouting Year 2017-2018. If a Scout has a medical condition requiring a prescription, alert Mr. Joslyn and hand the medicine to him directly. Any questions, please contact Mr. Joslyn.
  3. Media Consent Form – Please include any siblings that may be involved in Troop 12 activities. The form is on the Troop 12 website.
  4. Fees – Fees for membership in Troop 12 are pro-rated $40 for new Scouts joining this fall – pay by check to “Troop 12 BSA” or by cash.

These items must be dropped-off at Mr. Joslyn’s house by Friday morning if they have not already been completed. (Note: We cannot list Mr. Joslyn’s house address on the website please email him if you did not receive the latest newsletter with that information.)

With completed Application and fees, Troop 12 will provide a Boy Scout Handbook and a Troop 12 patch to each new Scout.

Requirements for New Parents

Parents involved in camping trips must complete Youth Protection Training online and send a copy of the completed certificate to Ms. Giustina by email. This training is required by the BSA.

We will invest new Scouts into Troop 12 formally on Saturday night at the Campfire. At this ceremony, Scouts will be given their embroidered Troop 12 neckerchief. All parents are welcome to attend, and parents not staying for the night will be escorted to the parking lot after the Campfire.

Camping List — Each Scout should bring:

camping supplies

  • Class A uniform — new Scouts will be invested at the campfire Saturday night at Glen Gray and given a Troop 12 neckerchief. We also supply the Troop 12 unit patch and a handbook.
  • Hiking boots — sneakers are not recommended because we are in the woods
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
  • Pillow
  • Backpack — please do not send Scouts up with roller cases, etc. We will be hiking up to the cabin and the roads are not paved.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant
  • Insect repellent — please bring non-aerosol repellent and provide both stronger repellent for boots, clothing, etc. as well as repellent rated to be used on skin.
  • Two working flashlights — one should be a headlamp if possible
  • Light jacket or hoodie
  • Change of clothing

Troop 12’s 200th Court of Honor

"On my Honor" banner
“On my honor…” Banner for Court of Honor

Sunday, October 1st at 10 am
Dining Hall at Camp Glen Gray

All Scouts and their families are invited as we recognize the new ranks and achievements of Troop 12 Scouts. If your son is receiving a new rank or a merit badge, please be there to show support for his Scouting activities if you can.

Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Rank Badge And Medal
The Highest Honor Rank for a Scout is the coveted Eagle Rank that boys have to complete before their 18th birthday.

Eagle Candidate GianLuca Roses will be holding his Eagle Scout Service Project on two dates:

  1. Saturday, October 7th, 10 am – 4:00 pm
  2. Sunday, October 8th, 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

It will be held at Our Lady of Czestochowa Church, 120 Sussex St, Jersey City NJ 07302.

Please wear old clothing because we will be cleaning and painting to restore the Church’s courtyard. Scouts should also bring work gloves if they have them, and ensure that they provide an activity consent form specifically for this project as work tools will be used.

2017 to 2018 Calendar


You can find the proposed calendar for the coming Scouting year on our website here.

New Staff and Patrols

patrol badges
A selection of Patrol Badges for the new Patrols to choose from…
SPL Justin Leong (Fall)
ASPLs GianLuca Roses, Marcos P., Armaan N., Eron E., Michael D.
Quartermasters Ben G., Curtis D., Thomas D.
Scribe Andrew F.
Leave No Trace Trainers Thomas D. and GianLuca Roses
JASMs Jack Brandon, Sam Joslyn, Jake Skorzewski
Guides Peter Brown, Arjun Nischol
Patrol Leader Alex P.
Assistant Patrol Leader Max F.
 Scout Patrick C.
 Scout Lucas H.
 Scout (Brownseas) Anthony B.
 Scout (Brownseas) Kieran M.
Patrol 2
Patrol Leader Charles M.
Assistant Patrol Leader Gabe G.
 Scout (Brownseas) Kai A.
 Scout (Brownseas) Denzel L.
 Scout (Brownseas) Aiden K.
 Scout (Brownseas) Alex D. L. R.
Patrol 3
Patrol Leader Jackson K.
Assistant Patrol Leader Jack D.
Scout Josh W.
Scout (Brownseas) Mikey H.
Scout (Brownseas) Jasper P.
Scout (Brownseas) Xander T.
Patrol 4
Co-Patrol Leader Joe B.
Co-Patrol Leader Sam L
Scout (Brownseas) Elia E.
Scout (Brownseas) Sacha G.
Scout Dale S.
Scout (Brownseas) Liam V.
Eagle Patrol
JASM Jack Brandon
JASM Sam Joslyn
JASM Jake Skorzewski
Guide Peter Brown
Guide Arjun Nischol

Popcorn is Here!

Trail's End Popcorn
Selection of Trail’s End Popcorn the Troop will be selling.

Forms were distributed to each Patrol and more info to follow!