Glen Gray Day 2017-2018

Bright and early this beautiful Saturday morning, (8:30 am September 16, 2017) a group of Troop 12 parents and scouts arrived at Camp Glen Gray to begin this season’s Work Day, where we prepped the cabin for the upcoming Scout season.


Special thanks to Drew Baumgardt for managing the camp for every other day that we’re not there.



  • Carl Joslyn
  • John Hartinger
  • David Goldsteen
  • Stefan Kwiatkowski
  • David Lagasse
  • Sean Leong


  • Eagle Scout Sam Josyln
  • Eagle Scout Arjun Nischol
  • Armaan N.
  • Eron E.
  • Eagle candidate Justin Leong


  • Sam L.
  • Aiden K.