199th Court of Honor & Eagle Court of Honor for 2 New Eagles

Troop 12 held their 199th Court of Honor on June 9th, 2017 at St James Church

Jake Skorzewski, the Troop’s Senior Patrol Leader opened the ceremony and called the colors.

Justin Leong is made SPL

Troop Master Carl Joslyn gave some opening remarks and performed a small ceremony handing over the mantle of Senior Patrol Leader from Jake Skorzewski to Justin Leong.

Scout Master Carl Joslyn promoting Justin Leong to Senior Patrol Leader
Scout Master Carl Joslyn promoting Justin Leong to Senior Patrol Leader, current SPL, Jake Skorzewski looks on.
Rev. Melissa Hall
St James’ Rev. Melissa Hall

Rev. Melissa Hall, Rector of St. James Church  performed the invocation for the Court of Honor


Before handing out the merit badges earned this year, various Troop Leadership went through some of the non-merit badge achievements earned this past year:

  • Valley Forge Medal
  • Work Day at Glen Gray


  • Mt Hebron Cemetery Flag Placement
  • Rededication of Invocation
  • Memorial Day Ceremony
  • Plant Sale

Merit Badges

  • Joseph B. – Personal Fitness
  • Peter Brown – Architecture
  • Michael D. – Veterinary Medicine
  • Thomas D. – Personal Fitness
  • Curtis D. – Personal Fitness
  • Eron E. – Citizenship in the Community
  • Max F. – Citizenship in the Nation
  • Andrew F. – Architecture
  • Ben G. – Architecture, Personal Fitness
  • Sam Joslyn – Architecture
  • Jackson K. – Personal Fitness
  • Sam L. – Citizenship in the World
  • Charles M. – Personal Fitness
  • Armaan N. – Citizenship in the Community, Veterinary Medicine
  • Alex P. – Citizenship in the Nation
  • GianLuca R. – Veterinary Medicine
  • Dale S. – Personal Fitness
  • Liam V. – Communications, Citizenship in the Nation
  • Joshua W. – Citizenship in the World

Rank Advancements

Scout – Ella E., Denzel L.
Tenderfoot – Liam V., Joshua W.
Second Class – Gabe G., Sam L.
First Class – Joseph B., Charles M.
Star – Jackson K.
Life – GianLuca R.

Special Awards

Leave no Trace and TREAD Trainer Certification – Thomas D.
Eagle Bronze Palm – Sam Joslyn
Adult Eagle Knots – Ben Beinish, CJ Kaloudis

The Troop Patrol Cup was won this year by Andrew F. and his Shark Patrol – congratulations Sharks!

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Presenter – Carl Joslyn
Eagle Address – John Hartinger

Eagle Scouts

  • Peter Brown
  • Jacob (Jake) Skorzewski