Arjun Nischols’ Eagle Project (Part 1)

Part 1 of Arjun’s Eagle Project Was to Make 12 New Raised Flower Beds.

On March 4, a group of 15 scouts, parents and friends went down to Eagle Candidate, Arjun Nischol’s house where they assembled 12 raised flower beds:

Picture of two scouts and wood panels.
Armaan and Jackson realize it was a cold day to be making the raised beds outdoors.
Eagle Candidate Arjun Nischol, with Sam Joslyn and Armaan making the raised beds
Arjun, Sam, and Armaan in Carpenter mode with the components of the raised beds.
Scouts at the first part of Arjun's Eagle project.
Left to right: Patrick C, Jackson K, Ben G, Armaan N, Eron E, Mystery Scout, Eagle Candidate Arjun Nischol, Elia E, Eagle Scout Sam Joslyn, and Andrew F.
One of the completed Raised Flower Beds.
One of the completed Raised Flower Beds.

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