Boy Scouts after working on Eagle Project

Jake Skorzewski’s Eagle Project (part 1)

On Sunday, October 3oth, 2016, Jake Skorzewski and other several Scouts from Troop 12 met at his house to paint and assemble “hanging planters” for his Eagle Project. This is Part 1 of his project, and more on this will be posted on the site as we know more.

Project Participants:

  1. Jake Skorzewski (Eagle Candidate)
  2. Jack Brandon
  3. Sam Joslyn
  4. Justin L.
  5. Arjun N.
  6. Armaan N.
  7. Andrew F.
Scouts doing Eagle Project.
Justin L. and Jake Skorzewski set up boards that need to be painted for Jake’s Eagle Project.

Boy Scouts working on Eagle Project.
Discussing a plan of action.

Scouts painting an Eagle Project
From Left to Right: Andrew F., Arjun N., Justin L., and Armaan N., helping paint parts for Jake Skorzewski’s Eagle Project.

Scouts painting Eagle Project.
Justin L. and Jake Skorzewski painting one of the boards that will become a hanging garden planter for Jake’s Eagle Project.

Scout Sanding Eagle Project.
Eagle Candidate, Jake Skorzewski using a power sander to clean up the edges of a piece for his Eagle Project.

Scouts fool around with paint during Eagle Scout Project
Left to Right: Justin L. testing paint color, Scoutmaster Joslyn looking on approvingly, Armaan N., willing guinea pig, Arjun N., tester #1

Scout painting project for Eagle Project
Scout Andrew F. painting parts for the planters.

Boy Scouts after working on Eagle Project
Left to Right, Front Row: Sam J., Jack B. Left to Right, Back Row: Armaan N., Arjun N., Justin L., Eagle Candidate, Jake Skorzewski, Andrew F. Posing for the camera after a hard day’s work.

Congratulations Jake on a great start to your Eagle Project! And thank you and all your volunteers and Adult Advisors for helping your community. (Now onto the paperwork!)

~Sean Leong
ASM, Troop 12

Eagle Rank Badge And Medal
The Highest Honor Rank for a Scout is the coveted Eagle Rank that boys have to complete before their 18th birthday.