Troop 12 Open House, Friday, September 23rd 2016

This is a reminder that we may have prospective Scouts and parents show up on Friday to check us outs at St. James. I had a school function last week so I couldn’t be there to welcome  any of the new parents or scouts. I can to be that person this coming Friday.

Montclair Troop 12 badge

Based upon the Scout recruiting seminar recommendations, we (parents/scouts) should  make a concerted effort to welcome them, take care of the parents and kids so they get an idea of our Troop culture.

Perhaps Staff can make sure the new kids are shown some special skill (knots, discuss how to safely chop/split wood, put up a tent, build a pretend fire, bandage a broken limb, anything) or do something with them so they are not just standing at the end of a patrol line.

If any Eagle Scouts are there this Friday, it may be nice to have them speak to the parents and/or kids as a group about their experiences, as they are our best tool to demonstrate the value of Troop 12. It is awkward for newbies to be thrown into an unfamiliar environment.

The Scout recruiting seminar info noted that one of the most important things we can do is just to make a great first impression on the kids and parents. We need to give them the registration sheets and try to get their names, telephone numbers and email if possible to follow-up with them. I’m happy to call them next week to try and get them back.

This may already be in the plan for Friday so I apologize if this is redundant!

Mike Brown