Fall Court of Honor at Glen Gray this Sunday (9/25/2016) morning.

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Boy Scouts Rank Badges up to Eagle

Hello Troop 12,

As you may have heard, we will have our Fall Court of Honor this coming Sunday up at Camp Glen Gray at 11AM, right after the first Training Conference camping trip of the year.

We will hold the Court of Honor in the Dining Hall at the camp, and all parents are encouraged to attend. We will recognize Scout accomplishments and also welcome new Scouts and their families into Troop 12.

A key part of Scouting is for each boy to be recognized in front of the Troop and his family for the hard work he has put into his merit badges, rank advancement, and participation awards. We will serve refreshments and will keep the ceremony on time so that everyone can enjoy their Sunday.

So please make sure to attend and give the Scouts the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

Yours in Scouting,

Carl Joslyn

Troop 12 Montclair