Training Conference 1 2016

Our new Patrols at Glen Gray

Shark Patrol
Honorary member, Sascha, with Charles & Patrick
Spartan Patrol
Spartan Patrol, Collin, Jackson, Gabe & Ben
Ben & Curtis
Last year’s Pack 5 Den Chiefs, Ben & Curtis. Collin in the background
Staff having dinner
Staff enjoying dinner from one of their own, Michael D.
Camp Steaks!
Scoutmaster Joslyn flipping the steaks for dinner, Glen Gray style. Mr Goldsteen looks on.
not a tent
Patrick thought this was an 8 man “tent”. Ooops.
mmm pasta!
Campanella with Italian sausage and brocolli rab from Staff chef, Michael D.
Little whipped cream and strawberry desserts


mmmmmmm steak!
perfect medium rare steak from Scoutmaster Joslyn.




Trigger warning…

If you don’t like seeing dead animals, don’t scroll any further down.




patrol inspection



Scout Jack Brandon’s Eagle Project at Brookdale Park — Mission Accomplished!

Eagle Rank Badge And Medal
The Highest Honor Rank for a Scout is the coveted Eagle Rank that boys have to complete before their 18th birthday.

Congratulations to Jack Brandon, our latest Scout to complete his community project for his Eagle Rank! This past Saturday, 9/17/2016 he and his fellow Scouts worked with the Brookdale Park Conservancy to beautify the entrance to Brookdale Park’s Bellevue Avenue entrance.

Brookdale Park Entrance before Jack Brandon's Eagle Project
This is what the Bellevue Avenue Entrance of Brookdale Park looked like before Jack Brandon’s Eagle Project.

Project Participants:

  1. Jack Brandon (Eagle Candidate)
  2. Joe B.
  3. Jake S.
  4. Micheal D.
  5. Thomas D.
  6. Justin L.
  7. Arjun N.
  8. Armaan N.
  9. Eron E.
  10. Jackson K.
  11. Marcos P.
  12. Charles M.
  13. Max F.
  14. Peter B.

The project beautified the ground cover around the entrance signage, and cleared away a lot of the overgrown foliage and canopy around it so that the pathways around that area could get more light.

Pile of trees and limbs on the side of a pathway
Though it’s hard to tell the scale of the effort by this picture, the pile of branches and tree trunks removed for Jack Brandon’s Eagle Project was quite sizeable. (For comparison, look at the benches on the left side of the picture).
Panoramic shot of Brookdale Park Bellevue Avenue entrance from the street
In this shot, you can see the boys clearing up after the project, and how clear the area is right behind the signage, where much of the effort for this project went. (Click on image to see/download a larger version of it.)
Panoramic shot of the Brookdale Park Bellevue Avenue entrance looking from the park to the street
The magic behind the scenes! This is a picture of the Project almost completed, showing most of the equipment used behind the entrance signage, with the boys winding it down and starting to clear up the area. (Click on the image to see/download a larger version of the image).
Boy Scouts finishing Eagle Project outside Brookdale Park's Bellevue Avenue entrance.
Jack watering the new plants they laid down for the project after mulching the area. (Other boys in the back can be seen “supervising”)
Brookdale Park Bellevue Avenue entrance
Here’s the most prominent part of Jack’s project after the completion of his Eagle Project at the Brookdale Park Bellevue Avenue entrance.

Congratulations Jack and great job from you and all your volunteers and Adult Advisors. (Now onto the paperwork!)

~Sean Leong
ASM, Troop 12


Fall Court of Honor at Glen Gray this Sunday (9/25/2016) morning.

BSA Rank Badges
Boy Scouts Rank Badges up to Eagle

Hello Troop 12,

As you may have heard, we will have our Fall Court of Honor this coming Sunday up at Camp Glen Gray at 11AM, right after the first Training Conference camping trip of the year.

We will hold the Court of Honor in the Dining Hall at the camp, and all parents are encouraged to attend. We will recognize Scout accomplishments and also welcome new Scouts and their families into Troop 12.

A key part of Scouting is for each boy to be recognized in front of the Troop and his family for the hard work he has put into his merit badges, rank advancement, and participation awards. We will serve refreshments and will keep the ceremony on time so that everyone can enjoy their Sunday.

So please make sure to attend and give the Scouts the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

Yours in Scouting,

Carl Joslyn

Troop 12 Montclair

Troop 12 Open House, Friday, September 23rd 2016

This is a reminder that we may have prospective Scouts and parents show up on Friday to check us outs at St. James. I had a school function last week so I couldn’t be there to welcome  any of the new parents or scouts. I can to be that person this coming Friday.

Montclair Troop 12 badge

Based upon the Scout recruiting seminar recommendations, we (parents/scouts) should  make a concerted effort to welcome them, take care of the parents and kids so they get an idea of our Troop culture.

Perhaps Staff can make sure the new kids are shown some special skill (knots, discuss how to safely chop/split wood, put up a tent, build a pretend fire, bandage a broken limb, anything) or do something with them so they are not just standing at the end of a patrol line.

If any Eagle Scouts are there this Friday, it may be nice to have them speak to the parents and/or kids as a group about their experiences, as they are our best tool to demonstrate the value of Troop 12. It is awkward for newbies to be thrown into an unfamiliar environment.

The Scout recruiting seminar info noted that one of the most important things we can do is just to make a great first impression on the kids and parents. We need to give them the registration sheets and try to get their names, telephone numbers and email if possible to follow-up with them. I’m happy to call them next week to try and get them back.

This may already be in the plan for Friday so I apologize if this is redundant!

Mike Brown

Troop 12 Parents and Scouts Guide 2016/2017

Please find the Troop 12 Parent and Scout Guide 2016-2017 by clicking on this link. Please print out a copy as this covers the basic guidelines of Troop 12.
Montclair Troop 12 badge
It contains information regarding uniforms, camping, merit badges, the 2016/2017 calendar (a live copy of the calendar can always be accessed on this site), and much more useful information that parents AND scouts will need to help make this a successful year.
I look forward to seeing at least one parent at the parent’s meeting tomorrow evening, 7:PM, St. James Church as well as our returning and new scouts.
If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the troop’s leadership. If you are not sure of where to direct your questions, I can assist.
Thank you,
Marguerite Giustina
Assistant Scoutmaster & Eagle Advisor, Troop 12

Troop 12 All Parents Meeting and Kick Off 2016-2017

Greetings to all parents! I hope everyone has enjoyed the rest of the summer and the start of the school year.


Our new Scout year kicks off on Friday Sept 16th, at 7pm at St. James.  The older boys have already met to start planning the year. They are excited to get started.  And judging from what I saw myself, and what I heard, the Troop had a very successful Summer Camp.

This Friday’s meeting is mandatory both for Scouts and their Parents! 7pm at St. James.

Parents, we will be meeting upstairs to review some critical information for the upcoming Scout year. This includes our calendar, first camping trip on Sept 24th – 25th, our new Fall fundraiser, and other key topics. It is very important that every family have at least one parent attending the parents meeting.

Our boys rely on your active support so that we can provide a full program of fun, advancement, and life skills. Their advancement and development takes all of our support – the Troop works best when we all take turns.

I look forward to seeing you all on Friday night.




John Hartinger

(917) 456-7684 m


Troop 12 Montclair Calendar for the 2016-2017 session

Troop 12 meets most Friday nights @ 7PM
at St. James Episcopal Church
581 Valley Road Montclair
NJ 07043
*Please check the calendar for any exceptions

Scoutmaster Carl Joslyn
Scoutmaster Jeff Gaskin
Troop Chair John Hartinger

Please note that this will be a living document, and will be updated as mistakes are found or addendums are added, until the end of the season. If there are any mistakes, conflicts or omissions, please let us know using our contact form below so that we can update it.

8/27/2016 Glen Gray Work Day Glen Gray
9/1/2016 Committee Meeting 1 St. James
9/8/2016 Recruitment: Mt. Hebron Back To School Night Mt. Hebron
Due to the MHS football opener we will move the Staff Roundup to Saturday the 10th at 10am at St. James. St. James
9/14/2016 Recruitment: Mt. Hebron Buzz Aldrin Day Mt. Hebron
9/16/2016 1st Troop Meeting / All Parent’s Meeting St. James
9/20/2016 Recruitment: Renaissance Back To School Night Renaissance
9/23/2016 Recruitment: Troop Meeting and Open House St. James
9/24/2016 TC1 @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
9/25/2016 197th Court of Honor Glen Gray
9/29/2016 Recruitment: Glenfield Back To School Night Glenfield
9/30/2016 Troop Meeting — Start MB1 St. James
10/7/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 St. James
10/14/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 St. James
10/21/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 St. James
10/22/2016 Fall Backpack Overnight – CANCELLED   –
10/28/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 — Announce Food Drive St. James
10/29/2016 FALL HIKE-ORY – Coppermines Trail to Kittatinny Ridge Old Mine Road, NJ
11/1/2016 Committee Meeting 2 — Food Drive St. James
11/4/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 — Food Drive St. James
11/11/2016 Troop Meeting — MB1 — Food Drive St. James
11/12/2016 TC2 @ Glen Gray (Cookoff) **Pioneering Weekend Glen Gray
11/18/2016 Troop Meeting — End MB1 — Food Drive Ends Christmas Wreath Sale Ends St. James
12/2/2016 Troop Meeting — Start MB2 St. James
12/9/2016 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
12/16/2016 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/3/2017 Committee Meeting 3 St. James
1/6/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/8/2017 Family Dinner St. James
1/13/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/14/2017 Arctic Challenge @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
1/20/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/27/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
1/29/2017 Scout Sunday St. James
2/3/2017 Troop Meeting — MB2 St. James
2/10/2017 198th Court of Honor St. James
2/24/2017 Troop Meeting — End MB2 St. James
2/25/2017 Winter Fun Camp @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
2/28/2017 Committee Meeting 4 St. James
3/3/2017 Troop Meeting — Start MB3 St. James
3/10/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
3/17/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
3/18/2017 TC3 @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
3/24/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
3/31/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
4/7/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
4/28/2017 Spring Bus Trip TBD
5/2/2017 Committee Meeting 5 St. James
5/5/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
5/12/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 St. James
5/19/2017 Troop Meeting — MB3 Ends St. James
5/20/2017 Spring Camp-o-ree @ Glen Gray Glen Gray
5/21/2017 Drew Schmetterling Project Mt. Hebron Cemetery
5/29/2017 Memorial Day Ceremony TBD
6/2/2017 Troop Meeting St. James
6/9/2017 199th Court of Honor St. James
6/23-25/2017 Glen Gray Centennial Glen Gray
7/9/2017 Summer Troop Encampment Camp Keowa


 TC Refers to a Training Conference, followed by a number, this usually refers to a camping trip at Camp Glen Gray in Mahwah, where the boys learn most of their camping skills. These usually involve a single overnight stay. During winter and unexpected inclement weather, the boys will sleep inside our cabin.
 MB  Refers to Merit Badge Sessions, followed by a number, these are held at our regular Friday meetings from 8 – 8:45pm. there are three Merit Badge Sessions in the Troop’s calendar from September 2016 through May 2017.
 Recruitment  Recruitment is essential to the survival of the troop. There are a few key dates around Montclair’s Middle School “back-to-school” events where we can reach a large number of parents with flyer distribution and an explanation of how our troop works. Additional Parent and Scout volunteers (in full Class A uniforms) are always welcomed.


If you have questions or comments about the schedule, you can leave us a note In the form below.