Our New Website and SCOUTBOOK, our New Management Tool

New Website

If you are reading this, you are already seeing the fruits of the transition to the new site.  I hope you can tell, it’s much “prettier” than the old site and is much more standards compliant. It’s responsive so it looks good on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.
*I will be setting up a release form shortly, to post images of the troop on this site. In the meantime, if anyone wants me to take down any picture or likeness, just let myself, Scoutmaster Carl or Scoutmaster Jeff know, and we’ll accommodate your request. 
This site will be used for posting certain troop announcements, as well as acting as the marketing and recruiting,  public-facing face of Troop 12, while SCOUTBOOK will be the internal management and communication delivery tool.  SCOUTBOOK will act like an “App” on your mobile devices, but is just a website service you have to log into, I may sometimes refer to it as an “App” but rest assured, you should be able to access it from the most basic of web browsers, without having to download anything first.


I have uploaded roster information from the old site into SCOUTBOOK, but it will take the site administrators a couple of days to massage the data and get it into our account.
Update: Scout roster information was updated into the account. But  there was some issue with the “adults” file, I am still working with their techs to resolve that issue.
You may get an email from the system within the next few days inviting you to sign on to SCOUTBOOK, I encourage everyone to log in and look around at its features. If there are any questions you can redirect them to me.
SCOUTBOOK was built to be mobile-first, so it’s really easy to manage your account from a phone or tablet. SCOUTBOOK is a really powerful Troop management tool, and is a BSA application, so it has the potential to tie all of our boys’ advancements and achievements into our account. I’m not sure it does it automatically on import, so there will be some trial and error over the next few weeks as we tap into the potential of the tool.
You should not be getting any more email blasts from the old SOAR system – if you do, please let me know, in the meantime, you can disregard these messages from the old system.
Any Scout that wants to get extra experience in maintaining a website please contact me. – we could figure out a way to incorporate this into the Digital Technology Merit Badge.

Weekly Meeting

we are meeting as normal on Friday, April 22nd, and are expecting guests and potential new Scouts, from our lovely ad in the Montclair Times this week. Wear your Class A’s, be on your best behavior, and welcome our guests.  Flower Sales order forms are due at this meeting. Make sure you have completed your summary forms and bring all payments.

Spring Bus Trip

If you have not responded, please contact Mr. Brown and tell him if you are/are not – going. The bus is filling up fast, so get your response in now! In addition to camping, Scouts will get to test their harpoon-throwing skills, work on a real whaling ship and work towards their Astronomy merit badge. We may have a visit from Doc Leard! Please bring a check for $75/person for the trip, made out to Troop 12 Montclair BSA, to this Friday’s meeting.


If you have not responded to Mr. Brandon, please tell him if you are going to Keowa in July. We will have to get our deposits in soon!


Troop 12 will help with Pack 12’s annual food drive for Toni’s Kitchen on April 27th as part of our recruiting process. We will be helping with sorting and packing food, but we also will be providing food as part of their efforts. More information will follow – but we need to know who will volunteer for this event over the next week. Please see Mssrs. Joslyn, Hartinger or Brown for more information.

St. James Ministry Service

Thank you to Scouts CJ Kaloudis, Jackson Kim, Sam Joslyn and Justin Leong for representing Troop 12 by providing  a Color Guard to celebrate the  installation of the Church’s first female Rector, Reverend Melissa Hall last Saturday, April 8th.  The service involved and thanked all the Ministries involved with the Church, and we are humbled that St James considers us one of them.  Congratulations to Reverend Melissa, her partner, Fran and their daughter, Katherine.  She has from the beginning always welcomed us with open arms, and we are so happy that this installation now makes her a permanent addition to our town!