Happy Spring Break, Troop 12 Families! (Now get out there and sell flowers!)

Happy Spring Break Everyone!

I hope everyone is getting some much needed rest this “break”, and the boys are making many, many flower sales while they  are out of school.

Spring is for Flowers
Spring is for Flowers!

Some Notes about the Plant Sale

The Plant Sales continues and forms and funds are not due until  the next Troop meeting at St. James on Friday April 22nd! You will need to have all of your orders summarized on the master order form in your sales kit, along with all of the funds for the plants. It is fine if you want to consolidate all of the funds into a single check made out to  “Troop 12 Montclair, BSA” so it’s easier to track than lots of loose bills, checks and coins.
This is the last weekend for selling flowers, the weather is actually supposed to be really good this weekend, so it’s a perfect opportunity to canvas your neighborhood (or poach others!) for sales.

Safety in Numbers

Scouts should always buddy up when selling door to door, and tell your parent/guardian where you will be and when you expect to be home. Think Safety First! Bring the presentation in a binder and have plenty of order forms – one order form per customer. Payment is due upfront, in the form of cash or check made out to “Troop 12 Montclair, BSA“.
DO NOT under any circumstances accept C.O.D.’s — Scouts have been burned in the past ordering plants C.O.D. that someone didn’t get approved from their spouse, first.  (Scouts may be trustworthy, but not everyone we sell to necessarily is). Every dollar you earn helps get us closer to our goals as a Troop, and we don’t want you to be stuck with footing the bill for flowers someone else decided they didn’t want when you deliver them.

What Sells?

Not everyone is the same, some people like getting flowers, other the herbs and yet others the various types of tomatoes or peppers, there are some people who don’t want any plants at all, but want to support the Boy Scouts by giving a donation, every “sale” should be recorded, so we can thank the people who have supported us. Give your customers cheaper options if they don’t want to spend a lot, or upsell them, if you think they might like to try a different arrangement.
Our family loves the herbs, we use ours until it gets too cold for them to survive outside, and have fresh herbs 8 months of the year! Last year we accidently got an order of tomatoes the nursery said we could keep, and they provided us with a fairly good harvest, and we had enough to make gazpacho 3 times last summer.
Remind people that our flowers should arrive before Mother’s Day,  Sunday, May 8th. Assorted baskets are always a good gift for mom – no need for “actual” gardening, to get some great color around the house! , and see you at our next meeting, April 22nd.